About Nathan Grooms


I was raised in a Christian home, but I did not grasp the full meaning of the Gospel until my early teens. In my early teens I began to pray more for a healing of the scoliosis that I’d had since I was a child. The healing never came, but out of that experience I came to understand that God had a specific plan for my life, apart from a miraculous healing. I recall meditating on the verse in Scripture where Christ said of the blind man that “this happened so the works of God might be displayed in his life.” (John 9:1 NIV). This verse touched me because it showed that trials and tribulations often come so that God’s glory can be revealed. To this day I still do have the scoliosis, but I also have a greater understanding of how God might be using it for His glory.

Political Philosophy

There were several books that influenced my thinking during the George W. Bush presidency.  One was Congressman Ron Paul’s book A Foreign Policy of Freedom.  Also, Thomas E. Woods Jr.’s We Who Dared Say No to War influenced my thinking greatly.

One of the major pro-life battles that I remember following in my early teens was the Terry Schiavo Case in May of 2005. This case may have been the first major fight on the pro-life battlefront that I paid attention to.

Two men that really influenced my thinking were Patrick J. Buchanan and Conservative Caucus founder and chairman Howard Phillips who’d later go on to start the Constitution Party.

In my teens I was naturally drawn to the Second Amendment issue because of my life-long love of colonial American history. A book that largely influenced my thinking on the Second Amendment was Larry Pratt’s collection of essays titled On the Firing Line.