Iranian Police Arrest Man for Beheading 13-Year-Old Daughter in ‘Honor Killing’

This is the fate of many women and girls under Islamic law.

Iranian authorities arrested a father for beheading his teenage daughter in her sleep last week, state media revealed on Tuesday. The beheading reportedly occurred after she eloped with an older man, making it a case of “honor killing.”

Breitbart 5/27/2020

Trump Joins Kerry in Mocking Thomas Massie

Thomas Massie was the only man in the chamber that hadn’t lost his mind. I’m glad he stood his ground. It’s too bad the President thinks its okay to join John Kerry in poking fun at him.

Farage Announces Run for MP, Says Pact Could Give BoJo 100-Seat Majority

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has confirmed that he will be running for a parliamentary seat in a future General Election.

Mr Farage made the announcement of Sophy Ridge on Sunday, but declined to reveal for which constituency, saying: “…of course I’ll stand. I will lead the charge on behalf of the Brexit Party.” More>>