Persecuted Christian Mother Asia Bibi Still Trapped in Pakistan

Persecuted Christian woman Asia Bibi remains trapped in Pakistan as the British government continues talks with the country’s government in an attempt to secure her release.

Bibi, a 55-year-old Christian woman who spent nearly a decade on death row in Pakistan on blasphemy charges before her acquittal last year, remains in hiding over fears that she will be murdered by the country’s hardline Islamic population. She is residing in a safe house in the port city of Karachi.

Addressing the House of Commons on Wednesday, British Foreign Secretary said that “making sure that she is safe and has somewhere safe to go is a top priority for this government.” More>>

Key Republicans Join Democrats in Opposing Trump’s Central American Funding Freeze

Several key Republicans have declared their opposition to President Donald Trump’s order to freeze direct aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, including the ranking Republican on the House Foreign Relations Committee, Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX). These GOP critics offered the same argument as the Democrats, namely that cutting off funds to anti-poverty and law enforcement programs in the “Northern Triangle” countries will make the migrant crisis even worse. More>>