Supreme Court Orders Separate Count of Late Ballots in Pennsylvania

The United States Supreme Court has ordered Pennsylvania election boards to separate the count of mail-in ballots that arrived after Election Day.

The order, which was signed by Justice Samuel Alito, suggests that the justices may exclude the late-arriving ballots in a subsequent ruling involving the results of the presidential election.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump was leading Joe Biden by hundreds of thousands of votes in Pennsylvania. But on Thursday, the president’s lead dwindled to less than 50,000 as ballots continued to be counted.

The Trump campaign and other Republicans have since filed several lawsuits related to the ballots, questioning the validity of deadlines.

The Pennsylvania Republican Party had requested an emergency order from the Supreme Court after it was unable to get at least 25 of the county boards to confirm they were placing the ballots in a secure, sealed container and that they have been counting them separately. More>>