Judge Ends Injunction, Last Abortion Biz in Missouri May be Shut Down in Four Days

A St. Louis Planned Parenthood may continue to abort unborn babies despite numerous health and safety violations, a judge ruled Monday.

Circuit court Judge Michael Stelzer extended his initial preliminary injunction through Friday even though the abortion facility no longer has a license, CBS News reports.

Last week, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services decided not to renew the facility’s license, citing dozens of serious health and safety violations. Pro-life advocates have documented 72 occasions when ambulances were called to the abortion facility for women with abortion complications.

Planned Parenthood sued Missouri health officials several weeks ago over the licensing dispute. But on Monday, Judge Stelzer said the abortion group should take its complaint to the Administrative Hearing Commission instead, according to the report. More>>

Google Censors Video Exposing Google

Google-owned video platform YouTube took down a video from Project Veritas showing a senior employee at the company appearing to admit that the company plans to interfere in the next presidential election to stop Donald Trump.

The video, which is still available on the Project Veritas website featured undercover footage of a top Google employee, Jen Gennai, stating that the company shouldn’t be broken up because only they can prevent the “next Trump situation.” More>>

Clapper Hears Barr’s ‘Chilling’ Footsteps

They really counted on Hillary winning, didn’t they?  Former director of National Intelligence James Clapper is in panic mode, realizing that the so-called “intelligence community” he supervised under President Obama is about to be revealed by Atty. Gen. William Barr and U.S. atty. John Durham as a weaponized arm of the Clinton campaign, with indictments to follow. More>>

Supreme Court set to deliver ruling on census citizenship question

The Supreme Court is set to hand down its much-anticipated decision on whether the Trump administration can include a citizenship question on the 2020 census.

The question has been the subject of multiple legal challenges since it was announced in early 2018. And a courtroom twist this past week added a new level of drama that could affect the Census Bureau’s timeline for finalizing and printing the decennial questionnaire. More>>

Rick Manning: Christian Publishers Complain About China Tariffs While Ignoring China’s Christian Persecution

Did you know that the two largest Christian publishing companies, Thomas Nelson and Zondervan, print such a large number of English language Bibles in China that the president of their parent company, HarperCollins Christian Publishing, believes that retail prices of God’s Word in the U.S. will go up due to increased tariffs on Chinese goods? More>>