Experts Demand Review of War on Terror on 9/11 Anniversary

The bipartisan initiative Committee for Responsible Foreign Policy will host an event this week examining the role of constitutional war powers in military interventions abroad, as the United States faces increasing scrutiny for its support for the wars in Yemen and Syria.
The event, which will take place in Washington, DC, near Capitol Hill, will also examine how defending constitutional war powers can prevent human suffering and protect religious liberty. More>>

Republicans Surrender on Trump’s Border Wall to Push Paul Ryan’s ‘Tax Reform 2.0’

While GOP midterm voters — by a majority — say they want President Trump’s economic nationalist agenda on immigration, Republican lawmakers are ignoring those calls to instead promote House Speaker Paul Ryan’s “tax reform 2.0.” More>>

Report: Trump Expected to Declassify DOJ and FBI Documents This Week

President Trump will reportedly declassify Justice Department and FBI documents that are expected to reveal how the government justified spying on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page and Justice official Bruce Ohr’s “improper” role in the bureau’s investigation into the Trump campaign, according to a report.  More>>