I Had 3 Abortions. Here’s Why I’m Fully Behind Alabama’s Pro-Life Law.

Alabama rocked the news cycle with its near-total abortion ban signed by Gov. Kay Ivey last week, and to hear the mainstream media tell it, the law is human trafficking in disguise; it echoes communist-era Albania; and miscarriages will land women behind bars.

What none of these stories mention is the life-crippling abortion regret that thousands of women may be spared. As a woman who has experienced abortion, I’d like to share some insights about the impact that “choice” has had on me and millions of other women. More>>

I’ve Had 2 Abortions. Here’s Why I Support Alabama’s Pro-Life Law.

I’m an unlikely person to be supporting Alabama’s new pro-life law. I was pro-choice for many years, and as a young woman I had not one, but two abortions.

Both of my abortions would have been illegal under Alabama’s new law passed last week. The law bans abortion at all stages and allows an exception only to save the life of the mother. Other states like Missouri and Louisiana aren’t far behind Alabama—and I applaud them all. More>>

Before I Had Abortions, Nobody Told Me the Truth. Now I’m Supporting Alabama.

As a woman who has experienced abortion, I would like to share the truth of what abortion does and counter the arguments of the pro-abort/pro-choice community who are so enraged at the new Alabama abortion law, which makes it a felony for doctors to perform abortions in most circumstances. More>>